Why I Started My Blog…

It seems like everyone and their mother has a blog these days. From mommy bloggers to makeup gurus to techies, there’s a blog for every niche, it seems.

But this blog is going to be my means of accountability on my journey to better myself and my means of embracing myself wholly.

I am always so afraid of putting myself out there, convinced that everyone must think the worst of me. I can’t even remember when I didn’t feel like I was the butt of someone’s joke.

I am over feeling that way.

Every January millions of people tag every post #newyearnewme or update their status to say “this is going to be my year“. And some people make that a reality. But a lot of people fail. I was almost one of those people – the ones who realize their resolutions are totally shot by about Presidents’ Day.

But I can’t let another year go by waiting for that perfect fresh start when I’m going to kick it into gear and make these dreams a reality.

So I’m taking charge and owning up to all my weaknesses and failures. I’m not going to be lazy and procrastinate on life anymore.

I am not going to be a quitter.

  1. Learn to drive and get my license – once and for all
  2. Start (and complete!) my Invisalign treatment
  3. Save money to move to Colorado (goal is $10,000)
  4. Get into shape (and complete a race)
  5. Waste less

And I’m already on my way!

I have my learner’s permit and I’ve already booked some behind-the-wheel lessons.

I had a successful consultation with an orthodontist and I’m waiting for the call to pick up my first Invisalign trays.

Here’s hoping the rest of 2019 sees more baby steps on the road to success!


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