Starting Invisalign…

So about a month ago, on April 8th, I had my orthodontic consultation to begin treatment with Invisalign…

Now I have always been embarrassed by my smile – my teeth are just too big and all over the place and I’ve never mastered the confident smile. Obviously orthodontic work has been something I’ve wanted for ages, for as long as I can remember.

Today was the big day – I got the call from the orthodontist’s office saying my trays were ready to be picked up.

I made my way to the office on my lunch break and they handed me the long-coveted black box that held my case and the welcome booklet.

my super excited, no-makeup, no-shame bathroom selfie at the office after my orthodontist appointment today

I was given two sets of trays and told to come back in 4 weeks so that I can get some attachments (“buttons” I’ve also heard them called). Not even knowing that I need attachments is harshing my mellow right now.

As of this writing (21:15 Pacific), I’ve had my trays on for about seven-and-a-half hours with a half-hour gap for dinner and I’m getting ready for bed.

It’s definitely a long road – estimated 18 months – but I’m so happy to finally be heading towards something I’ve always wanted.

Happy 1st of May and here’s to an amazing journey.


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