or “the slacker returns”…

When I began this blog, I had the intention of chronicling my Invisalign treatment here – sharing with people what it’s like to have Invisalign as an adult, recording the changes in my smile and my confidence, and sharing other changes that may happen due, in part, to my treatment.

And I have been slacking on that majorly. No posts in almost 2 weeks. I know.

Honestly, it’s a mixture of my own laziness when I come home from work at night and the fact that nothing of note has really happened.

But I owe some updates on how I’m adjusting to the trays to anyone out there who is keeping up with this blog.


my actual trays, displayed on my desk

I’m still on tray 1 (upper and lower) – I have it on my calendar to switch to tray 2 on Tuesday after before bed.

Luckily, for months before I even had my consultation, I kept a Quip toothbrush (not an ad) in my purse along with some toothpaste and a very cute glass container of biodegradable floss. I made it a point to brush my teeth and floss after every meal to train myself for Invisalign. Some people might say I’m a little too strict with myself about this, but I choose to see it as a way to keep myself dedicated to the treatment. I don’t want to be that person who hates wearing their retainers and ends up losing all that progress a few years later.

the cons

So far my days have been spent drinking lots of water – I am always feeling like all the saliva as been sucked out of me, which makes my lips stick to the trays.

Due to the crowding on my lower teeth, that tray is always such a pain to remove. I know it won’t happen but I have this fear I’m going to pull my teeth off like a cheap set of press-on nails. That’s pretty much the only negative I have to deal with right now.

the pros

On the positive side, I am seeing a definite limit in my mid-afternoon snacking and my desserts. I just don’t want to have to remove my trays for long spans of time if it’s just to have chips or a cookie as opposed to a full meal. I really want to stick to the recommended 22 hours a day as much as possible to counteract if I ever end up needing the trays out longer than that.

I’ll try to make a post on Tuesday night, or maybe Wednesday, when I have the 2nd set of trays on to give a review of how that feels compared to these. I have a feeling I’ll be pretty sore then, just based on how crowded my lower front teeth are.

We’ll just have to see – just 3 short days left! Progress!


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