Hopes for 2022…

If you’re reading this, I’m probably asleep.

I’m one of the lucky folks who got to work on New Year’s Eve so I don’t think I’ll be making it to midnight. No problem, I’m home with the folks and my pup – not exactly a big party scene.

This post isn’t going to be full of resolutions that probably won’t come to fruition. I’ve tried that and it doesn’t inspire me like I wish it would. I’m just not wired that way, I guess. You should see my 30 Before 30 bucket list that crashed and burned. But I will talk about my hopes for 2022 – for myself and for everyone reading this.

I hope that 2022 is the year we all see better health. I’m talking about breakthroughs in therapy, medications leading to improvements, lower rates of The Virus, even new glasses – that kind of better health. I know that the calendar changing isn’t magic and won’t cure every ailment and heal every wound. But baby steps would be nice.

I hope that 2022 leads to more financial security. May we all pay off that loan or get that raise! May we clean up our spending and put a little more in the savings account!

I hope that 2022 is less full. I love low-waste products and reusable versions of standard disposables. I am looking for less clutter in 2022, and I’ve even started brainstorming with friends about ways to make that happen. More experiences, more consumables, less stuff purchased for the sake of stuff. More donating and repurposing and rehoming things that aren’t compatible anymore. More space.

I hope that 2022 has a lot more fun. The last two years have been a little lacking in the (good) excitement department, at least for me. I hope that 2022 is a time where we can do more to bring joy. I’m not naive enough to think that means trips to Bora Bora or packed stadium concerts – but being able to go see my sister or taking a road trip with my friends would be nice. Even just a simple old-school board game night with a bunch of friends would be a welcome change.

I hope that 2022 has more new adventures. Let’s all take this year to bring something new into our lives. Learn a new skill. Try a new food. Meet a new family member – whatever that looks like for you. Let’s embrace the new year with new places and new people and new experiences.

Most of all, I hope that 2022 is a good year. It doesn’t need to be “our year“. It doesn’t need to be “the best year ever“. But I know I’m not alone in hoping that the new year is a change of pace, something different than the nearly 24 months of whatever this mess is.

Is there anything you’re hoping for in the new year? Are you committing to resolutions? Are you doing new year’s intentions? Are you just going to wing it and hope for the best?

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