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Travel Bucket List

Everyone loves the idea of a bucket list – they love putting those guano items on the list to give them that kick in the ass to step out of their comfort zone; climbing Everest or seeing the inside of a volcano in Iceland or running with the bulls of Pamplona are common for the adventurous among us.

This isn’t really that kind of bucket list. I’m mostly a homebody so the act of going to the next state over is already way beyond my comfort zone. Hell, I don’t even have a passport.

But I’m trying to change that. This isn’t a New Year’s Resolution list that I’m going to dump my savings into completing in the next ~300 days. These are just places I want to see that I am making a note of so that I can share with you all as I check locations off the list.


Places within the United States

Canada & Greenland

Norden Countries

British Isles

Western & Southern Europe

Eastern Europe

Mexico, Central America & the Caribbean

South America

Africa & the Near East



Like I said at the start of this, this isn’t an “I have to make it to every place on earth” bucket list. And I sure as hell am not finishing this list within the year – I don’t think anyone could do that even if the budget was no issue. I don’t expect to hit every place listed and I know there are more than a few countries I don’t have on these lists. Maybe I’ll add more eventually, maybe this will be the final draft. Who knows?

As I do hit these spots, I will have posts about my trip linked at the entry on the list, so do come back to this page as the “homepage” of my Vernes-ian travels.

Have you hit any of these spots? Do you have your own travel bucket list?

Let me know in the comments!

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