A Little Bit About Me:

Hello there!

I am 30 years old. I’m from Southern California. I’m looking for adventure and I can’t wait to see where life takes me! I am over waiting for the “right time” and I want kickstart the life I’ve always wanted.

I’m a major bookworm, though I don’t have nearly enough time to enjoy books like I’d like to. I’ll give anything a try, though I’m partial to period pieces and historical fiction.

I’m an amateur writer with thousands of ideas but I lack the ability to crank out fully fledged stories at Stephen King’s speed.

I love crafting; knitting, sewing, embroidery – if your grandma did it, I’d probably love it. I’ve made a few things here and there but I’m always looking to improve on my skills.

My dream is to live on a little plot of land and go back to basics, in a way. Think Oregon Trail with WiFi and modern medicine.

This site is meant to chronicle my journey; the successes, the setbacks, the redirections – all of it! Not just the good parts. Maybe it will inspire some of you to embrace the ups and downs with me.

If you have anything you want to know about me, let me know. Maybe it’ll end up in a post some day.


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